Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me, Old?

I was leaning down fiddling with my locker in the dressing room at the pool after doing a hefty workout, dripping wet and feeling good about all my physical exertions when behind me walked a couple young(er) women. As they passed me I heard one state emphatically "I don't ever want to get old!" Well, I was feeling pretty good about my physical condition up to that point. Was it the varicose veins of my 54 year-old leg resembling the Amazon River or was it the dimples of fat on my thighs that set them off? Maybe it was the slightly sagging muscles in my upper arms we won't go there. Whatever!!! Those young women will have to face aging just like the rest of us. I am hoping to "go the distance" with swimming. I know it is not a panacea or a "Fountain of Youth" but it has been very good for me over these past four years. I lost nearly 75 pounds those first two years of swimming and have mostly kept it off and I'm in nearly the best condition of my life. Dream on you young chicks! I hope you look this good when you're 54.

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