Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting by with Valium

         My father jokingly made a comment once about how if Mom had known how much work kids were she would only have had one or two. She quickly and firmly retorted, "There's more truth than fiction in that statement!" I was the third child of six so the comment ripped through my soul...even though it was said well into my adulthood. Later I found out that while us kids were growing up my mother took Valium in order to cope with the trials of motherhood which back in the 60s and early 70s was fairly common.

          I think about my own trials of motherhood, especially early motherhood with babies and toddlers at the same time. Then I threw homeschooling, high ideals and image into the mix and I was a basket case. I didn't have, nor did I want Valium to "rescue" me but I did have other ways of coping and adjusting including a wonderful, loving husband and helpful encouraging friends.

          So I need to get over my Mom's thoughtless comment and cut her some slack. She's only human after all and now I love her as a fellow mom who's endured raising six children, no longer as a child thinking their mom is perfect.

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  1. Valerie, I found your post funnier than you probably meant it to be. I'm sorry for your mom but I think Valium was the answer to many things.

    The older I get, I truly understand that you can't judge anyone without walking in their shoes. If it wasn't for the Lord, I know I'd be grabbing a prescription bottle myself. "but by the grace of God, go I"