Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Phooey

When I found out my oldest daughter is going to have a girl, I had visions of knitting soft pink baby sweaters, booties and hats. But alas, tis not to be. If my daughter has her way my new granddaughter will not be wearing any dreaded pink. For me this is the first step in honoring my daughter's wishes concerning her child. So I am knitting the first of several sweaters none of which will be pink. Green, yes, and maybe lavender, and probably a frilly teal one...even though teal is a lot like blue which we all know means boy.


  1. It will be interesting to see in a couple of years what your granddaughter's favorite color is. It will probably be PINK!

  2. When I had my daughter, I was very career driven and a woman's equalitarian. I planned to have a daughter that would defy all the stereotypes and excel in Math and Engineering while balancing the family and career. My daughter refused to wear pants, even in the mud puddles and insisted on everything pink, purple and frilly. She is now 12 and still dreams of becoming a princess and a fashion designer. It will be interesting to see if your grandaughter fills anyones ideas but her own. Regardless, I know she will be a blessing. Congratulations!

  3. My granddaughter is now almost 5 years old and her favorite colors are......purple and PINK!