Monday, May 9, 2011

Tips for New Moms

1.   Always keep at least one hand firmly on the baby when changing her diaper on an elevated surface.

2.  Take a nap when the baby naps (duh!)

3.  Don't sweat the small stuff...and everything else but the baby, your hubby and you is small stuff.

4.  Realize your hormones are going crazy and the "blues" will pass.

5.  Don't be a "Lone Ranger": call a nearby friend to come help you out for a few hours.

6.  If you are going to use cloth diapers be sure to ALWAYS keep your mouth closed while rinsing them in the toilet...and you might want to wear safety goggles as well. ( Just speaking from experience here.)

7.   Let someone else take a turn at walking a fussy baby while you rest.

8.  Always remember how much you love them, especially when they are crying endlessly.


  1. Love this...especially take a nap. Now I take nap regardless of what my kids are doing. :)

  2. Thanks Mom! I know you were thinking of me when you wrote this!