Monday, May 23, 2011

Homeschool "Stay-at-Home-Mom?"

             "Stay-at-Home-Mom" That is a total misnomer. The only time I was a true "Stay-at-Home-Mom" was when I had a very small baby and also when I had toddlers and a baby. It was just easier to stay home then.  As my children aged and we began homeschooling we  stayed at home less and less. There were and are now so many opportunities out there for homeschoolers including organized play times, drama productions to watch and participate in, choirs, bands, art classes, co-op classes, sports, 4-H, debate clubs, all kinds of academic classes, organized field trips, science fairs and more.  It seems like we did it all. There was a lot of going and not much staying at home, and I found myself wishing I was a "Stay-at-Home-Mom."
               I'm thinking those of us who choose to be homeschool "Stay-at-Home-Moms" should call ourselves something different besides SAHM or homeschool Mom. Not that those labels are bad or anything, I just think they are not truly apt descriptors and they lack zing.   When you  have to fill out a form at the doctor's or anywhere else in which you are asked to name your occupation you could put something more professional sounding. How about "Mobile Educational Consultant,"  "Adaptable Academic Advisor," "Itinerant Individualized Tutor," or "Developmental Transitional Educator?"  
              What do you call yourself in that space labeled "occupation?"

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  1. I think the next time you are sitting there and the occupation box is staring at you, you need to put in "writer."