Sunday, May 29, 2011


          My three sisters, my mother, and I get together every couple years or so for some female bonding that's organized to be filled with laughter and fun. It takes some forethought and effort to plan an event bringing five or more individuals together from our varied geographical areas, not to mention the differences in our lifestyles.
          A few years ago we met at "Seattle Skedaddle" a well planned event concocted by my sisters and I. One sister flew in from Texas, rented a car and the rest of us drove to Seattle meeting at our hotel where we set up in the lobby at a table with a convention-type sign-in, convention packets, including name-badges (goofy assumed names only) and a big sign welcoming all to "Seattle Skedaddle." And so the fun began.
           The weekend included such events as a mock seminar on "How to Apply Make Up", a scavenger hunt,  shopping, a lyrics/singing contest, cheer contest, talent contest and of course eating.  The main purpose was to laugh and have fun.  We had a few ground rules and each of us was equipped with a bottle of "chill pills," (chocolate chips), so if someone got cranky they were told to take a "chill pill." One of the other rules was "no talking about our kids."
          We spent three days and two nights together and had a barrel of laughs. Everywhere we went people read our name badges and wanted to know about our event. When we told them we were sisters spending time together with our mother having fun, 90% of the comments we got were like this: "I could never do that with my sisters/mother....we don't speak to each other," or "I haven't spoken to my sister(s) for 10 years,"or "My sisters and I don't get along." At the same time they expressed regret and wished they could have fun with their sisters or mother. Many told us how unique we were and quite frankly we were dumbfounded to learn how "unusual" our family is, simply because we "get along." How sad!
           My advice if you don't  "get along" with your siblings or parents: 1.Learn to forgive 2.  Develop a sense of humor. 3.  Don't take yourself too seriously. 4.  Remember, life is not all about you.
          Advice to young children and teens:  learn to get a long with your siblings because in the future you will be spending holidays together. You may not always have friends but you will always have your brothers and sisters. In the future you will regret it if you don't learn how to get along with your siblings.


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